8'-Long Precision Clip Cord With 1/4" Jack Mono Plug (Version 2)

  • $5.99

8'-Long Precision Tattoo Clip Cord With Spring-Style Clips & a 1/4" Jack Mono Plug (Version 2)

Use this reliable, high-quality clip cord to power your tattoo machine! Our 2nd-generation Precision tattoo clip cord measures 8 feet in length, which is 2 feet longer than most of the other clip cords you'll find online. It has spring type clips on one end and a quarter inch jack mono plug on the other end. It contains custom-made wire that's stronger than silicone wire, yet it's soft like silicone wire is. This clip cord drapes nicely, making it comfortable to work with and flexible.


  • Precision Brand Tattoo Clip Cord
  • Clip Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Includes Spring-Style Clips & a 1/4" Jack Mono Plug
  • Custom-Made Wire Is Stronger Than Silicone Wire
  • Price Per 1 8'-Long Tattoo Clip Cord