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Classic Gorilla Grips

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Gorilla Grips are made using a high-quality silicone non-porous autoclavable rubber. The 1/4" thickness creates a soft cushion between your fingers and equipment which will effectively absorb machine vibrations. This will help in reducing the strain on your hand muscles and nerves.

You can purchase the Classic Gorilla Grips individually or in a 10 pack of the same size.

  • 1" Classic Grip Cover fits over a 1" grip.
  • 3/4" Classic Grip Cover fits over a 3/4" grip.
  • 5/8" Classic Grip Cover fits over a 5/8" grip. 


  • 100% Autoclavable
  • 100% Silicone Non-Porous, no tare formula
  • Matte Finish for a Sure-Grip