Purple Rain — World Famous Tattoo Ink — 1oz

Purple Rain — World Famous Tattoo Ink — 1oz

  • $12.00

World Famous Tattoo Ink — Purple Rain — 1oz

World Famous Tattoo Ink is revolutionizing the industry with their high-quality tattoo inks. Their dedication and knowledge of how to amplify tattoo artists’ work are reasons why they’re being used by the most sought-after artists around the world. World Famous inks are vegan-friendly and EU-approved. They are sterilized with gamma radiation and bottled in crystal-flex bottles with a secure twist cap and a tamper and waterproof label.

This listing is for one bottle of Purple Rain. Shop by color under the World Famous Ink category to see all the colors available.


  • Color: Purple Rain
  • Size Options: 1oz
  • High pigment load; easy application
  • Vegan-friendly and EU-approved
  • Tamper-proof label; crystal-flex bottle with twist cap
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Price per one bottle