Tattoo Conventions & Events

Want to know when and where the Hottest tattoo conventions and events are going to be. We put together a list of some of our favorite tattoo events this year. (Don't see your favorite event on the list? Let us know.)


8th Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo

2 February 2017|California, United States


Ink Masters Tattoo Show Bryan

3 February 2017|Texas, United States


Por Vida International Tattoo Art Festival

3 February 2017|Texas, United States


Body Art Expo Phoenix

10 February 2017|Arizona, United States


3rd Lubbock Tattoo Expo

3 February 2017|Texas, United States


Pittsburgh Bleed Back and Gold Tattoo Expo

16 February 2017|Pennsylvania, United States


2nd Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention

24 February 2017|Ohio, United States


19th Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

10 February 2017|@FEATURED, Pennsylvania, United States


Ink Life Tour Amarillo

17 February 2017|Texas, United States


Feather Falls Tattoo Expo

25 February 2017|California, United States


Santa Cruz Tattoo and Music Festival

3 March 2017|California, United States


26th Santa Rosa Tattoos & Blues

24 February 2017|California, United States


8th Annual West Texas Tattoo Convention

24 February 2017|Texas, United States


9th Annual Tucson Tattoo Expo

3 March 2017|Arizona, United States


Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival

3 March 2017|United States, Virginia


22nd Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo

3 March 2017|Michigan, United States


Ink Life Tour Fort Myers

3 March 2017|Florida, United States


Seaside Tattoo Show

10 March 2017|California, United States


Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo

3 March 2017|Texas, United States


Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention

10 March 2017|United States, Utah


Ink Masters Tattoo Show Odessa

10 March 2017|Texas, United States


Fuel The Arts Expo

17 March 2017|Maine, United States


Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo

17 March 2017|Texas, United States


MusInk Tattoo Convention & Music Festival

17 March 2017|California, United States


8th Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

17 March 2017|Illinois, United States


Due South Tattoo Expo

24 March 2017|Mississippi, United States


Massachusetts Tattoo Art Festival

24 March 2017|Massachusetts, United States


16th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention

24 March 2017|Massachusetts, United States


13th Annual Fresno Tattoo Expo

25 March 2017|California, United States


15th Lady Luck Tattoo Arts Expo

31 March 2017|Nevada, United States


One Nation Under Ink Tattoo

31 March 2017|United States, Washington


New York Tattoo Show United Ink

31 March 2017|@FEATURED, New York, United States


Alamo City Tattoo Show

31 March 2017|Texas, United States