Eternal Ink Neutral Gray Ink Set — Four 1 fl. oz. Bottles — Price Per 1

  • $46.00

Neutral Gray Ink Set by Eternal Ink — Four Neutral Gray Values in 30mL bottles — Price Per 1

When it comes to all-natural pigments and vegan-friendly inks, Eternal Ink is the brand you can trust. Eternal Ink is one of the most popular ink manufacturers in the game, and is renowned for their broad selection of colors as well as their compliance with health regulations and vegan-friendly standards. Every Eternal Ink product is made from organic products, deionized water and hamamelis water. The inks come packaged in sealed, medical grade bottles to preserve ink longevity and safety. 

This set of four neutral gray inks by Eternal Ink is an essential kit for tattoo artists who specialize in both color and black & grey. The four inks contained in this set include Neutral Gray_20, Neutral Gray_40, Neutral Gray_60, and Neutral Gray_80, making for a varied palette ranging from near-white to dark-grey. Black & grey artists can use this essential kit for creating seamless, smooth gradations, while color artists can use neutral gray inks for toning down vibrant colors and broadening their color arsenal to include a variety of shades. This set of four neutral gray inks come in a box that sports the Eternal Ink brand name along with a color guide showing the range in value from Neutral Gray_20 up to Neutral Gray_80. 

  • Size: 1 fl. oz. (30mL)
  • Quantity: One box of four 1 fl. oz. ink bottles (30mL)
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Contains deionized water and hamamelis water
  • Sealed medical grade bottle
  • Price per one set