Horitomomo 12 Color Spectrum Set — Solid Ink — 1oz Bottles

Horitomomo 12 Color Spectrum Set — Solid Ink — 1oz Bottles

  • $140.00

Solid Ink Horitomo Color Set 1oz — 12 Bottle Tattoo Ink Set

Solid Ink is considered by many to be one of the best pigments on the market. Created by tattoo artist Federico Ferroni, Solid Ink is all-natural, vibrant, and super-concentrated for optimal color saturation and a “solid” look after healing. 

Horitomo is a San Jose, California-based tattoo artist with over twenty years of experience in Japanese traditional work including tebori (Japanese hand tattooing). This Horitomo 12 Color Set includes all color inks in the Horitomo line in 1oz bottles. Each pigment is developed, used, and favored by artist Horitomo himself; enjoy his hand-picked inks at your needle tips for an ideal traditional Japanese tattoo composition. The 12-Color Set comes packaged in a custom Horitomo bag.

  • Size: 1oz
  • Packaged in custom Horitomo bag
  • Hyper-concentrated pigments for optimal color saturation
  • Vegan; proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients
  • Tested in accordance with current regulations
  • Manufactured in Miami, USA
  • Price per one set of 12 1oz bottles
Set Colors: Fudo Blue Black, Moegi, Kikyo, Odo, Fudo Blue, Fudo Blue Grey, Wakanae, Shu, Gunjo, Sakura, Koji, Bengara, Shinbashi