Getting Inked: Tattoos = Self Expression

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Getting Inked: Tattoos = Self Expression

C&S Medical Tattoo Supply has all the supplies tattoo artists need to stock their shops and to enable them to continue booking appointments with clients looking to add ink in the name of express themselves in unique and meaningful ways.

Permanent & Personal

Tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression, as without professional removal services, they’re art an individual carries with himself or herself for life. Anything we choose to put on our body is a form of telling the story of who we believe we are and what we love… think: clothes, jewelry, nail polish, hair color… but tattoos are especially significant because of their permanence. They often reflect memories, loved ones, beliefs and other things holding high value for the recipient.

What you choose to have tattooed on your body can also be a great conversation starter should the ink be placed in a visible location. Say you choose to have your pet tattooed on your bicep – you can bet other animal lovers are likely to remark. Or perhaps you have a symbol of significance inked. Others who share knowledge of that symbol are sure to take note.

Not every individual chooses to show off his or her tattoos though. While some may view being inked as showcasing art in a canvas-like way, for others, a tattoo can be deeply personal and private and can be placed in a discrete place for them and them alone. It can be a symbol of strength or a tribute to a loved one lost.

Tattoos have come a long way and are far more accepted as norms in today’s society, as they well should be.

Who Are We?

C&S Medical Tattoo Supply is a division of C&S Medical Supply, located in West Reading, PA, and boasting a combined staff experience of more than 100 years. We’ve been a leading regional supplier for nearly 40 years and are affiliated with Independent Medical Co-op (IMCO), allowing us to pull from 140 independent distributors nationwide to the benefit of our customers. We carry a large selection of tattoo ink, needles, sterilization and medical supplies. Think: aftercare ointments, bandages and gauzes, cleaners and disinfectants, gloves, masks, waste control containers, drapes and towels, even power supplies like foot pedals and tattooing machines. Our goal is to get your business its essential needs with the trust and security you deserve.

Want to learn more about how C&S Medical Tattoo Supply can help you and your business achieve success? Call us at 800.843.3443, or visit We look forward to providing you with service that exceeds your expectations

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